Why Choose Us

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We appreciate your interest in our services. We will proceed to detail the main benefits available for our clients:

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Benefits* Others
Same Day Cash Advances up to $250K
Flat Rate 0.5%
Full Merchant Insurance Protection
One Page Website Design
Onsite Business Analysis
Exclusive Merchant Club 48
Charge Back Protection up to $8,000
Technical Services onsite in 2 hours

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  • For your Convenience, we have one of the lowest Rates in the market:
    • Visa/Master Card/Discover – 0.5%
    • Check Card/Debit card – 0.5%
    • Internet Fee – 0.5%
    • Phone Order – 0.5%
  • If you already have the service, there is no need to change your banking account in order to obtain the benefits of our rates.
  • In the event you already have the service, we will send out a consultant to your place of business (at NO COST to you). They will analyze your Visa/Master Card statement, evaluate your current costs in relation to the New Rates we offer for Visa/Master Card (the average monthly savings could be well around 25% – 40% every month).
  • Available to our existing clients is the possibility to get cash advance or  opening a line of credit (for your business) of up to $500,000. You could get approve the same day (no merchant account is required).
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